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What Is SEINT IIID Foundation Formerly Maskcara Beauty

maskcara is a customizable makeup system

SEINT used to be called Maskcara. They have renamed the company, but the quality of the product and our mission still remains. Seint is a cosmetic line known for IIID Foundation. It's a new way of thinking about foundation. Unlike traditional foundation, where one color is applied to your entire face, making it look more flat, it uses multiple colors each in specific areas to enhance your 3-D face.

This is my before and after picture- If you follow me on social media, this is one of the many pictures of this amazing cream makwho. I did a simple highlight and contour with IIID Foundation

What does Seint Beauty IIID Foundation Do?

Well it does everything it should to bring out your natural beauty and enhance the features of your face without applying so much makeup.

Your gorgeous face is not one-dimensional, it has natural contours and shadows.

IIID Foundation sculpts those areas, frames your face and lifts your cheekbones and highlights certain areas to bring attention to your eyes, all adding natural dimension. Using this technique of Highlighting and Contouring or HAC'ing enhances those features you want and thus minimizing those you don't.

What is a custom SEINT Beauty HAC Pack?

Seint beauty makeup color match
Seint Makeup Starter Palette

The custom HAC pack consists of four cream colors and that is your foundation. The creams allow you to apply each color, where you need it, in your preferred level of coverage and only ONE layer then seamlessly blend to look like a second skin. Don't be scared of creams, one you try them you'll never go back. These colors are chosen based on your skin tone and preferences by an artist for a completely customizable palette. Everything you need for your entire face in one simplified compact. All are magnetic and can pop in and out of your preferred compact size and easily replaced individually when needed. Never buy an entire palette for a few colors again.

SEINT Highlight

The Highlight is your most used shade and is used to brighten and conceal. This gives coverage, like a traditional foundation, but doesn't need to be applied to the entire face unless extra coverage is needed. Most people use two or more Highlight shades for either color correction, such as hyperpigmentation, redness, or dark undereye circles, much like a concealer would. This cream foundation melts onto the skin, giving you a flawless, even skin tone and a natural second skin appeal.

SEINT Beauty Contour

The second most used color and also used for coverage is the Contour color. This color is what adds that natural shadow and frames and sculpts the face. It is placed on areas you want to recede, since it is darker. So around your hairline on your forehead, under your cheekbones, and under the jawline. When properly placed it can change the look of one's face by tricking the eye. Often used to slim the nose and in our case, push up those cheekbones. This is the one some are scared to try because it seems scary, but is super simple and so effective at changing the way you look at makeup once you try it.

SEINT Beauty Lip + Cheek

Next is the convertible color, our Lip + Cheek. This is to add a natural flush to the cheeks and some color to the lips as well. It helps to make the Contour look seamless and more natural. Even if you aren't a blush girl, I recommend trying one of the nude shades as it ties the entire look together. Available in matte and even glossy shades. If you've never used a cream blush, you're going to love how long lasting they are!

SEINT Beauty illuminators

Lastly, is the cream Illuminator. This is where it can get confusing, since in the makeup world a "highlight" is a shimmery powder to use to add glow. But in the Maskcara world our Highlight adds coverage and our Illuminator adds that touch of glow. Our cream Illuminators give natural "lit from within" glow that make the skin look more healthy and youthful. If you like an intense glow, we now have powder Illuminators that give you that wow factor.

Seint Makeup Color Match
Seint Makeup Placement

These four simple tins in this video will change the way you look at makeup. They allow you to HAC your face in 5 minutes, using one compact and one brush. Simplifies your routine, so you stop digging through the makeup bag, and gives you a natural, flawless glow with less products, and less layers and less time.

How Much Does SEINT Beauty Cost?

Each cream is $14 and each compact is free when you fill it. The dual-ended brushes are specially made for creams and unlike any other on the market for a fraction of the price. Every aspect of the line is made to be affordable and at the highest quality and customized so you get exactly what you want.

Here is a quick tutorial using Seint custom makeup system

Are you ready to change the way you feel about getting ready everyday? To make it fun again? If so I'd love to introduce you to this game changer and help you through the process as your personal makeup artist. Click here to get a color match today.

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